How to build an ecommerce business template using Joomlas template, responsive joomlas business template August 11, 2021 August 11, 2021 admin

Joomlabs is the company behind Joomlam, a free WordPress ecommerce platform that helps companies build websites.

Joomls template is built around a responsive layout.

Jamplam’s template includes a template builder, a sidebar, a list of categories, and the ability to change the layout at will.

The template is open source, meaning anyone can use it to build a website or create their own custom template.

We’ll get to that in a minute.

The best part?

It comes with a free trial.

Jams template can be used for ecommerce, and it is built to support multiple content types.

Here’s how to use Jamplabs template to create a Joomlytics-powered business website.


Download Jampllabs template 2.

Download responsive jooms template 3.

Select the content template 4.

Drag and drop the template file onto your website 5.

Create a new Joomllabs website 5 minutes later 6.

Create your business template and add the required content 7.

Create and manage Jampls site for your customers 7 minutes later 9.

Close the template and click the “Next” button 10.

Close and start the business template 1.

Go to your website 2.

Add the content that you need for your business 3.

Add a sidebar 4.

Add categories 5.

Add items to your cart 6.

Add payment methods 7.

Add email addresses 8.

Add social media accounts 9.

Add product categories 10.

Add images and videos 11.

Add contact information 12.

Add and remove products 13.

Add links 14.

Add customer service 15.

Add testimonials 16.

Add ratings 17.

Add pricing options 18.

Add content to the back of the product page 19.

Create an email newsletter 20.

Create customer profiles 21.

Add your logo 22.

Add videos and images 23.

Create video ads 24.

Create sales opportunities 25.

Add affiliate links 26.

Create custom banner banners 27.

Create online courses 28.

Create paid and free course offerings 29.

Create free and paid course offerings 30.

Create ecommerce courses 31.

Add widgets 32.

Add photos 33.

Add comments 34.

Add buttons 35.

Add footers 36.

Add pages 37.

Add form fields 38.

Add search fields 39.

Add dropdowns 40.

Add custom content fields 41.

Add forms 42.

Add fields for pricing options 43.

Add prices 44.

Add coupons 45.

Add discounts 46.

Add free products 47.

Add paid products 48.

Add promotions 49.

Add sales opportunities 50.

Add products to your site 51.

Add checkout buttons 52.

Add orders 53.

Add purchase information 54.

Add order types 55.

Add inventory items 56.

Add reviews 57.

Add shipping information 58.

Add special promotions 59.

Add store pages 60.

Add category listings 61.

Add page types 62.

Add business pages 63.

Add customers pages 64.

Add events 65.

Add shopping cart 66.

Add online orders 67.

Add cart images 68.

Add sign-ups 69.

Add ordering form 70.

Add payouts 71.

Add coupon form 72.

Add PayPal form 73.

Add billing form 74.

Add tax forms 75.

Add bank account forms 76.

Add credit card forms 77.

Add Amazon payment form 78.

Add Chase credit card form 79.

Add Visa payment form 80.

Add MasterCard payment form 81.

Add American Express payment form 82.

Add Discover credit card template 83.

Add Apple Pay payment form 84.

Add Microsoft Pay payment type 85.

Add VISA payment form 86.

Add Paysafecard payment type 87.

Add M-PESA payment type 88.

Add eBay payment type 89.

Add Target payment type 90.

Add Walmart payment type 91.

Add Google Pay payment types 92.

Add DHL payment type 93.

Add UPS payment type 94.

Add ExpressPay payment type 95.

Add Maestro payment type 96.

Add FedEx payment type 97.

Add USPS delivery form 98.

Add Priority mail shipping 99.

Add courier delivery form 100.

Add mail to destination 101.

Add delivery to your store 102.

Add website and website content 103.

Add navigation 104.

Add check out 105.

Add home page 106.

Add site navigation 107.

Add information and features 108.

Add blog content 109.

Add FAQ and related information 110.

Add landing page 111.

Add menu and navigation 112.

Add add-on menu 113.

Add video 113.

Remove checkout 114.

Add shop 114.

Change price 115.

Add display 114.

Remove display 115.

Change shipping and shipping information 116.

Change checkout 115.

Remove order type 116.

Remove price 116.

Add new order type 117.

Add subscription 118.

Change payment options 119.

Change customer service 120.

Change pricing options 121.

Add listing 122.

Add photo 123.

Add description 124.

Add profile 125.

Add rating 126.

Add comment 127.

Add review 128.

Add feedback 129.

Add message 130.

Add image 131.

Add link 132.