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— Your home page should look like your business.

That means a title, logo, a heading, a testimonial and a body.

But what should you put on it?

Joomla, the popular website design tool that’s helping businesses improve their home pages, recommends that you use a logo, title, a title tag and body tag, among other things.

“If you have a simple title tag like ‘home page’, that’s great,” Joomala said.

“But if you have some extra content or a teaser, you can go for that.”

The key to creating a good home page is to put all the elements in the right place.

“You need to be able to add the right text, you need to have the right background color, you have to have enough space for it to work, you should have the best placement of your navigation bar,” said Mark Glynn, chief marketing officer for Joomlla.

If you want your site to look like a business, you want to put your logo on top of it, he said.

The logo should be on top and not below it.

If you don’t have a logo and you’re using a logo-free template, then that’s a good thing because it means that you have everything in place, Glynn said.

You don’t need to put a header, either, because that doesn’t make sense, he added.

The title tag should be the first thing you put, Glynn said.

That title tag has to make sense.

Your title tag needs to look familiar.

“You can make it more recognizable by putting some color on top,” he said, adding that you can also use a color palette and background colors to help the logo stand out.

The headline tag should have some meaning.

If it says, “Welcome to Joomlah,” that means that the home page has a message, Gynn said, so make it relevant.

If you’re trying to get the reader to click through to the home screen, you’ll want to use a headline tag that says something that’s important to them.

A header and footer should be part of the front of your site.

“It should be one of the main areas,” Glynne said.

And if you’re doing a WordPress theme, the top of the header should be a title or a headline that says “Welcome.”

Glynn said that a header is also good for a page on a website.

A header should make the page look more professional.

“There should be enough space to make it easier for a reader to skim,” he added, explaining that the more information you provide on the page, the more likely the reader will be to click.

“When it comes to a blog, I always recommend that it’s an easy to navigate,” Glynn added.

“It should look nice.”

Here are some of the key elements you can include in your header.

“Home” is a tag that should be placed at the top, and the top line should have a color of a light gray, blue or black.

It should also be aligned in the center, so that the content is centered.

The heading is a text box with a picture of the company logo.

It also should have text that is in black or white.

It should have an image of the logo.

“The home page will be where all of your content is,” Gynne said, noting that you should be able at least three different images on your home page to display the same content.

All of the content should be in the same place, he explained.

“So the header and the content are all in the header,” he explained, adding: “If you’re having some sort of interactive section on the home, that’s the right way to do it.

So put it there.””

It’s best if you don`t have too much content, and then the content will be more interesting,” he continued.

Make sure you include a sidebar on your header as well.

If the sidebar is not used, then it doesn’t really matter what the sidebar does.

Glynn recommended using an image that has something that will help the reader see the header in a different way, like an icon.

If possible, you may want to include some type of logo on the sidebar to stand out more.

Glynn also suggested adding a title that explains what the home is about.

“That’s the main thing,” he noted.

“Make sure that your header and content will make sense for the reader.

It’s the biggest reason why people are clicking through.”

It’s also a good idea to include a link to your blog page at the bottom of your header, Gyb said.

He said you should also include the link if you are using a template like WordPress, and if the