How to stop your children from getting bullied – and how to fix it with your kids October 20, 2021 October 20, 2021 admin


How do I prevent my child from getting bullying?


Get them to stop being quiet.

Ask them to be quiet and be quiet sometimes.

Ask for a break if they can’t hear you.


Talk about the situation in a calm way.

Tell them it isn’t their fault they’re getting bullied.


Tell your child that they are not alone.

It will help to tell them what the bullies are doing, what you can do about it, and how you can support your child.


Keep asking your child about bullying.

This may help to calm their nerves.


Make a list of all the things they’ve been doing that have made them feel vulnerable.

Tell each of them what’s on your list.

If it’s not on your checklist, you may need to ask them to tell you what’s going on. 6.

Tell yourself that it’s your child’s fault.

Make sure you and your child know the difference between bullying and not bullying.


Take action.

Make the conversation about bullying stop.

Talk to your child and tell them they are being wronged, and ask them how they can be righted.


Tell someone else.

Talk through how you would respond if your child were to be bullied.


Take the bully down a peg.

Tell others that your child has been bullied.

Tell their friend or other adults you trust.


Don’t just say, ‘It’s okay.’

Tell them, ‘I’m sorry.

I just don’t want to hear it.’

Talk about it with a family member, a friend, a neighbor or someone who can help.


Let them know you care.

Ask if they’re OK and what they can do to help.


Make plans for them to go to the bully’s house.

Make arrangements for a meeting.


Have your child wear a mask and take their shoes off.

Talk with them about what to wear.

Make them feel comfortable about going to the place where they feel safe and protected.


Take a day off from work or school.

Talk and listen to your kids about bullying and how it can make them feel unsafe.


Call the police if your children get in trouble or if they have questions about bullying or bullying prevention.

This is important for them.


Give your children the support they need to get through the day.

Make it a time for self-esteem and self-confidence.


Get to know each other and make a commitment to make a change together.


Make an appointment with a psychologist or mental health professional to talk about how you are supporting your child, their issues and their goals.


Ask your child to talk with someone who understands their feelings and who knows how to help them.