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T3 is looking to build a brand with its upcoming women’s rugby league team and a new template that will make it easier for young players to get started.

Key points:The team will consist of nine playersT3 will be the first women’s professional rugby league clubT3 has announced a template for the team that will help them get startedThe template will be shared with teams from other clubsT3’s template will help players get acclimatised to playing on the fieldT3 said it would also support players from other teamsThe template was unveiled at a news conference on Wednesday.

T3 chief executive Peter Dutton said the template was being developed as a way to help young players get into the game and that players from all rugby league countries should be able to play with it.

“We have some pretty talented players in the country,” he said.

“They’ve got the potential to play the game in the best possible way.”

T3 is planning to hold an online coaching session with its female players on March 8.

“This is the template for T3, a new way of building a team for the future,” Dutton added.

“It will be a template that we can share with other teams and with players who come to the game from other sports.”

If you’re a player that’s just coming into the sport, we want you to know you’re part of the next generation of female players in sport.”‘

A new generation’The template is being developed to help players who are just starting out get accomodated to playing.”

Players who have been playing sport for a long time, who have the potential, who are able to develop into the best they can be,” Dettu said.

T2’s template is a training template for players aged 18-24.”

The T2 template will make sure that players are not only getting the best out of the sport but they’re also getting the most out of their sport,” he added.

T1, who announced the introduction of a new women’s competition last week, has not revealed how it will use the template, but it is expected to be similar to T3.

The template’s purpose is to help the players prepare for playing in their local competitions, but will also allow them to prepare for the new season.”

For a number of years, the players in our sport have been training and playing in different formats,” Dittu said of the T1 template.”

Now that they’ve got to start playing against other teams, they’ll need to look at what the format is.

“And we’re doing that through this template, so we’ll be able give them the best advice and the best information about how to go about that.”

Dutton said T1 would use the T3 template for its women’s team.

“There’s some of the best young talent in our game who will be coming through T1,” he explained.

“What we’re looking to do is give them a template to help them build up and prepare for what’s coming up.”

I think we’ll have a pretty strong female rugby league squad and it’ll be a new generation for them to come through.

“T2 and T3 have yet to announce their women’s teams.

T4 has confirmed it will not use the new template.