Joomla adds new blog feature to help users stay on top of business information August 13, 2021 August 13, 2021 admin

Jooma, a WordPress-based CMS for websites, has added a new feature to its blog template that allows users to view the latest posts from a specific company.

Users can now use the new blog option to see what posts have been written by the company, which has been added to the company’s blog.

The new blog features allows users the ability to see posts that have been published by the specific company, and then to search through those posts for specific keywords to see the articles.

Users who want to see more posts can now go to the ‘Read’ section of the company page and click on the ‘Show More’ link.

The blog feature also lets users search for a specific blog post by name.

Joomala’s blog template has already seen a significant increase in traffic in recent months as the company has launched a number of new products.

The company also launched its own product, Joomlify, a product for websites to manage and organize their content.

The product will be integrated into Joomalium, its new blog platform, which was recently announced.

The addition of the new post feature is just the latest addition to the platform that has made it a lot more popular with businesses.

The company’s latest release of Joomma was the result of more than a year of work and development.

Joomma 2.4, released in April, also added a number other features that have helped make it even more popular.

Jomastruct, for instance, made the template a bit easier to customize.

A new sidebar for the top and bottom navigation bar was added to help customers quickly find posts.

The template also introduced a new search bar, making it much easier to find content that is related to a specific topic.

There are also new categories that have appeared in the template, such as ‘Content Design’ and ‘Business Content.’