New design studio launches with joomlas 3 template September 19, 2021 September 19, 2021 admin

JOOMLA, Calif.

— A new design studio launched Friday with an aim to bring an urban-friendly look to the world of home decor.

Joomla has been a popular design studio in the Los Angeles area since 2013, with studios in downtown Los Angeles and in downtown Santa Monica.

It’s a niche business, but it’s also the type of business that can be expanded to other areas, said Mike Zolotow, co-founder and president of Joomla.

“A lot of the businesses that are starting in this area are really starting out with an idea,” he said.

To get the studio started, Zolottow had to sell the original Joomlas design to the Los Angelenos Museum of Modern Art, a partnership with the LACMA that he said has been instrumental in attracting customers.

With that, he said, he decided to bring in a designer.

The studio is located in a former hardware store, a former department store, an office space and an industrial space.

Inside, Zalotow said he had to make changes.

For starters, he didn’t want the space to look cluttered.

Instead, he wanted the space more inviting and invitingly designed.

He also wanted the walls to feel more organic, with wood and metal that would blend in with the rest of the space, Zlottow said.

Zolottovas first client was the L.A. Police Department, but he also wanted to do business with other government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“When I saw the idea of bringing Joomala into L.