What you need to know about the new JOOMA template September 16, 2021 September 16, 2021 admin

The new joomlas template is a new product that simplifies the creation of business templates for the online marketplace and for the physical store.

The template lets you create a website for a specific product, add a business description, add products to your cart, and add customers to your email list.

The joomlabs team has designed it to be simple to use, but there’s also a lot of flexibility in its features.

Here’s what you need, from the new jooms template to how to use it. 1.

Product Name The jooms is a product name that will be used by customers and in the cart.

The product name will be displayed in a sidebar at the top of the page.

You’ll be able to change the product name anytime by clicking on the green “Edit” button.


Product Type You can change the type of the product by clicking the green checkbox next to the product description box.

If you don’t know the product type, check out our guide on how to create a product that has one.


Brand Name You can create a brand name by clicking a blue checkbox to the left of the description box and changing the product label to “Bold” or “Simple” and adding a brand logo to the top right.

You can use the brand name to brand your product, but you can also use it to add additional information to your product.


Product Description You can also choose to include a description by clicking an orange checkbox.


Product Price You can see the current price of the item, as well as a breakdown of its components, on the left-hand side of the cart page.


Shipping and Returns You can add or remove items from your cart by clicking one of the orange checkboxes to the right of the shipping and returns fields.


Customer Name You choose the user name you want to appear in the customer section of your website, and then you can choose to show your company name or product name on the product page.


Product Code When you add a product to your Cart, the product code will appear in a text box at the bottom of the screen.


Add Products You can select from the options for adding products, or you can add all products to the cart by selecting the option to add all items.


Review & Share You can preview a product before adding it to your shop and share it with your customers by clicking Share.


Add Items When adding an item to your Shop, you can click the Add Item button to add it to the shopping cart, then click on the cart to close the Add Items window.

You may also need to add an additional product in the shopping bag to do this.


Order History The Order History is a list of your orders.

To see the history, click on your Order History page.


Shipping & Returns The Shipping & returns is a history of your shipping.

To add a shipping method, select the shipping method from the dropdown menu, then select the product to add.


Shipping Methods You can choose the shipping methods you want, but the shipping will be added to your shopping cart.


Customize & Save Customizing and saving the settings for your shop are done through the Customize menu.


Product Reviews & Share Product reviews are available for any product you add.

When you review a product, the blue checkmark will be shown at the right side of your product page, alongside a small green checkmark.

Click on the blue “Edit & Share” button at the left side of any product review to open the edit section.


Add a Customer You can customize the user that you want in your customer section.

If your user is a customer who has already ordered the product, they will not be shown on the customer’s profile page.


Checkout & Close When you’re ready to checkout, you’ll see a “Checkout” button on the right-hand navigation bar.

Select it to close your checkout.


Order Details The Order Details is a detailed page of your order details.

Clicking the green Checkout button will bring up the Order Details page.


Add Customers You can click on a customer to add them to your order.

The user will be notified by email when their order is ready to be added.


Add Cart Items If you have an online shop, you may want to add products or services to the order to help the seller.

To do this, click the green Add Item menu at the middle of your Order Details.


Add Orders You can enter the items you want added to the orders.

The items you can enter are highlighted in blue.

If a product has multiple ingredients, they can be added as many times as you want.


Product Details If you want an order to